João and Ramiro Mendes

Sound is a spiritually uplifting book that explores the essence of human and cosmic reality through the prism of sound


The Fabric of Soul, Consciousness, Reality, and the Cosmos

In Sound, acclaimed musicians, artists, and humanitarians João and Ramiro Mendes take a deep look at the essence of sound, combining their professional music education, four decades of work in the field of music, promotion of peace in Africa, and the study of ancient civilizations and traditional wisdom—all to present a fresh perspective on the nature of the human soul, consciousness, thought, emotion, attention, intention, and reality from a new and intuitive perspective.

Using sound as the tool to probe human reality, the authors also present new insights into the essence of peace, agreements, health, and the evolution of human society while offering unconventional solutions to human conflict and the survival of our species and our planet.

"We decided to write this book to promote a new global consciousness based on the sound of love. Love is the vibration of life," adds João and Ramiro Mendes.


Expanding on the book's core message of universal love, the Mendes Brothers launch a global peace initiative on the birthday of the new sun, 3.21.17, appropriately titled, 321Global Peace to promote love, compassion, kindness, and unity around the world. In promotion of the initiative, the group also launches a new song, entitled ReCreate The World.

"Peace is love. Peace is the human vibration of love manifested into light," affirms João and Ramiro.

Born in the remote village of Palonkon, Fogo, Cape Verde Islands, the Mendes Brothers have dedicated almost their entire adult lives to music and the promotion of peace and unity in Africa. They are well known for their peace-intervention work in Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, and São Tomé and Príncipe (PALOP). Together the brothers have produced and recorded numerous albums featuring diverse musical traditions, and over twelve songs promoting peace in PALOP. Their peace anthem, Angola Kuia, was the featured theme music of the 2012 Angolan presidential elections. The lyrics of the Mendes Brothers' song Moçambique é Maningue Nice, was added to the eighth grade Portuguese textbook in Mozambique. This instructional book is read by millions of students across the nation.

The Mendes Brothers are pioneers of several contemporary Cape Verdean musical genres, including bandera, talaia baxu, kodra, and tchoru. Exploring the sacred rhythms of the island of Fogo, the brothers have launched a new music movement, combining bandera with reggae, salsa, samba, bossa nova, and more, creating new music genres that defy cultural and musical boundaries. Treading the edge of intuition, the Mendes Brothers introduce yet a whole new genre of music: cosmic soul music. Cosmic soul music is a neurological and soul-entrainment medium—an intuitive form of music that removes the ego from the creative process and reconnects human beings with their higher soul essences.

As musicians and humanitarians, João and Ramiro have appeared on many national and international television networks and programs, including CNN International, CBS Virginia This Morning, and The Climate Reality Project (featuring Nobel Laureate and former U.S. Vice President, Al Gore).

"Thank you for joining us in co-creating this new world, a human community dedicated to harnessing the primal love sound of our hearts and souls to create an abundant and peaceful world."

SOUND: The Fabric of Soul, Consciousness, Reality, and the Cosmos is available worldwide on Amazon.

To learn more about the book and the global peace initiative, please visit: The Book on Sound at and 321Global Peace at

More about the authors

João Mendes

Musician, author, artist, and humanitarian

João is an intuitive writer, singer, composer, producer, visual artist, and humanitarian. He is an avid reader with extensive self-study in African and ancient Egyptian history and cosmology. A recipient of the Medalha de Mérito by the government of Cape Verde Islands, João has conducted extensive humanitarian efforts in promotion of peace and national reconciliation in PALOP, Africa. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Ramiro Mendes

Musician, author, artist, and humanitarian

A visionary musician, writer, composer, arranger, producer, visual artist, and humanitarian, Ramiro holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees in film scoring and commercial arranging from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a recipient of the Medalha do Vulcão and Medalha de Mérito from the office of the president and government of Cape Verde Islands, respectively. Ramiro has led extensive humanitarian efforts in promotion of peace and national reconciliation in PALOP, Africa.

Title: Sound: The Fabric of Soul, Consciousness, Reality, and the Cosmos
Authors: João Mendes and Ramiro Mendes
Published by: Quantum World Enterprises, LLC
Published: March 21, 2017
Genre: Non fiction, Mind/Body/Spirit and Spirituality
Print Length: 320 pages
Kindle 978-0-9971508-2-7
Hardcover Print
Hardcover 978-0-9971508-0-3

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