The Fabric of Soul, Consciousness, Reality, and the Cosmos


Excerpts from the Introduction

As your eyes scan the words across the page, you are engaged in one of nature’s most divine works involving sound. You’re giving life to the vibrations of our minds, hearts, and souls by allowing our words—sounds—access to your divine essence. You are not reading a book. You are resurrecting sounds, vibrations, and ideas into the global consciousness and the greater cosmos—living fields made of sound.

The book itself, although it feels solid to your hands, is also made of sound. In fact, you may be reading this book while sitting comfortably in a room. Look around for a minute. The walls, the floor, the ceiling, the furniture, the air in the room, and the very sunlight beaming through the windows are all sounds. Yes, you are sound too!


Excerpts from the chapter, Sound and Society

Sound plays a critical role in the formation of our values, cultures, consciousness, and ultimately, our societies. The entire core beliefs of peoples and nations are nothing more than accumulated sounds in the form of ideas recorded and passed on from one generation to another. Whether these ideas are stored in libraries or are verbally recounted as stories, legends, and tales by one generation of elders to their offspring, they are part of the sound envelope that forms both material and immaterial human realities

In fact, when we analyze different periods in human history, we arrive at the inevitable correlation between ideas and civilization. While the conversation, music, speech, literary work, art, science, technology, politics, hopes, aspirations, and so on give rise to ideas, the ideas form the fabric of the consciousness of the time. This creative consciousness in turn becomes the engine that propagates all elements of human reality. In the end, human civilization is an expression of the sounds emitted by the minds and the hearts of a people.

Only love and its vibrations can manifest into the reality of peace


Excerpts from the chapter, Music and Peace

We submit that peace is love. Peace is the vibration of love manifested into light. It is the heart vibrations of goodwill, empathy, and kindness at the higher spectrum of light we call reality. Only love and its vibrations can manifest into the reality of peace. This is because love is the actual frequency of peace: a divine vibration that propels life, cosmic harmony, spiritual unity, order, happiness, and cooperation. There are no political or military solutions that can materialize a reality of peace. Peace requires the creation of a shared reality based on love with our adversaries. Peace is not a state of existence that lies outside of our being; it is a vibration of our souls and consciousness.


Excerpts from the chapter, Music and Consciousness

Of all technologies and modes of energy we possess, music is one of the most effective mediums for harmonizing thoughts, emotions, and soul energy into reality. As an extension of physical reality, music is an essential vibration of consciousness that precedes every human advances. It is the most fundamental energy for synchronizing and harmonizing the human soul into qualities of consciousness—the very energy that gives rise to new human realities

There is no other medium of expression that is able to capture the complete frequencies of human emotion, thought, language, hope, aspirations—the full spectrum of vibrations manifested by humans—more precisely than music. With music, we’re able not only to record current reality, but also to encode future realities. We document life, while we co-create the future. In essence, music is a pre-reality vibration that entrains the human consciousness and soul at every step of its evolution.

Music is one of the most effective mediums for harmonizing thoughts


The Hidden Energy of Hip-Hop

We argue that hip-hop is not music in the normal sense of the word. Hip-hop is a sacred form of entrainment. It is a reality-encoding medium perhaps more powerful than any other humans have ever experienced. It functions more like an initiation medium—a deep entrainment technology that uses music, stories, poetry, rhythm, and imagery to levitate its audience into new cosmic time with its own hidden “street” codes for the unfolding nature of reality. This is the essential nature of hip-hop (rap): a tool for the transmission of occult qualities of reality into the listener’s soul.

It is as if the music contains a quality of cosmic vibrations that changes the very nature of how reality is rendered within the mind and the soul/emotional dimension of its devotees. This energy of hip-hop does not emanate from the temporal spheres of the mind but from a deeper soul/cosmic energy source whose entrainment capacities are much more potent.

The initiatory mechanism of hip-hop induces levitation of consciousness, allowing the artist and audience to simultaneously access new paradigms of knowledge, ways of being, acting, creating, and manifesting realities heretofore not present in the world.


The Divine Sonic Power

The Divine has given us the sonic power to co-create our own futures. Embedded in sound is an infinite potential for order and chaos, harmony and disharmony, agreement and discord. Sound is a living field of all potentialities available for our co-creative engagement. We have to consciously choose which reality we want as our futures whenever we utilize sound, especially music. Sound has infinite power to shape the very fabric and essence of our futures. It is a powerful medium for creating both harmonic and inharmonic realities out of the potential field of nature.

We can create unity, peace, harmony, and infinite beauty by creating sound energies that resonate these vibrations into the physical and the spiritual worlds. Similarly, we can also create chaos out of our world by promoting and disseminating sound products or ideas that are inharmonic to the natural laws and life-sustaining principles of love, goodwill, cooperation, peace, unity, and so on. We are semidivine beings resurrecting our own realities with every idea—sound—we allow within our minds, hearts, and souls.

A message from the Authors

We decided to write this book to promote a new global consciousness based on the sound of love. Love is the vibration of life. Love is the true resonance of our souls. Only by encoding our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the energy of love, kindness, compassion, and goodwill will we manifest a human reality that is harmonious and life-sustaining.

We thank you for joining us in co-creating this new world, a human community dedicated to harnessing the primal love sound of our hearts and souls to create an abundant and peaceful world!